Individual training consists of tailored workouts to meet your individual needs. Privates are a great way to increase your level of play and to get a step ahead of the competition.



1 on 1 training

Workouts designed specificially for the  player


Professional coaching

Attack weaknesses

1 Hour in length





AHB will match your child with a group that is similar in age and skill level so they can get the most out of each training session. Sessions involve Intense workouts in a competitive environment.​ This is the perfect setting for children, who want to improve their basketball skills, while in the company of other peers.

  • ​​

Small group training of 7 or less

Matched with players of similar age and skill

1 hour in length


AHB team basketball training program is designed to give coaches an advantage over the competition. AHB regimen includes team drills and intense training to create a powerful and cohesive team. Team training is customized to suit the needs of each team and coach.



1 hour sessions


Training is available for middle school, high school and travel basketball teams



We use PayPal for our online payment processing. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to use our system. You can choose to pay with your Paypal account, if desired. Or you can choose to simply pay via credit card, which will be processed via PayPal without the need for a PayPal account. There is a two session minimum due at the time of payment.



* Extreme Ball Handling Skills


* Passing


* Offensive Moves


* Rebounding


* Moving Without The Ball


* Footwork


* Triple threat 

​* Defense



Shooting Workouts Focus On

* Form Shooting

* Shooting Off The Catch

* Shooting Off The Dribble

* Shooting Off Screens

* Proper Footwork & Pivoting

* Shooting Accuracy

* Increase Shooting Percentage

* Increase Shooting Confidence


TRAINING INVOLVES - High intensity drills and instruction in both individual skill and team dynamics-


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